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Website design & Development and ASP, PHP, Javascript scripts

Now you can generate FREE online database scripts, PHP MySQL and ASP. Just email to moc.lrepbd@nurat your email address and chosen password for us to create your free membership.

Php Database scripts generation online is our speciality. We do website design and devlopment by highly qualified website designers. Outsource India your requirement; we guarantee full satisfaction or MONEY BACK on our work of web site development.

We also undertake purely script writing too. ASP Access Databases, Flat text files Databases (CSV) and of the website in addition to web design. Scripts in ASP Databases use MS Access .mdb files and Flat text files databases use CSV files and are in Perl CGI language and Php database scripts use MySQL databases. These are generated online. Relevant html pages for Search, Add, Edit and Delete functions are also generated online. You can test the generated CGI Perl script on our server before downloading it. Presently ASP Access and Php MySQL scripts cannot be tested online.

You can also generate online CGI Forms with various types of fields and associated scripts to process the form. The user receives thank you note and the webmaster receives the data added. A configuration file along with the Perl Script and HTML page are also generated to customise your html page. Click selected Interactive Forms Scripts on the left.

Freelance Programming and Web Design
In case you do not have time to do a script writing (PHP) or design a website, freelance custom web designers, programmers, coders and consultants will do work on contract basis for your offshore projects at a very reasonable cost. You can post your projects at Freelance programmers, designers and writers can select and bid on projects at Hundreds of web design projects to choose from are there according to your expertise.

You must register to have permanent access to generate online database script in the language you want, Just send us an email giving registration payment details, desired User name, Email address & which language you want (ASP, Perl or Php). You will receive your password by return email. as soon we have received your subscription.

Two operational databases, Matrimonial Advertisements and Classified Advertisements, generated by our online system as Perl CGI CSV, are available for adding your own records and trying out so that you know capabilities of the scripts that you are going to generate. We request you to delete any record added before leaving.

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